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That was a wierd but great experience. Keep up the great work

I tried this game it was pretty interesting the art style is great thumbs up...

It was a short but interesting game. I liked the art style and that twist tho...

Went ahead and tried your game out. It is pretty short but it was still pretty neat. I always love these kind of games that show off an innocent front but then turn dark. Interesting idea would love to see what's next if you make more!

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My kind of morbid game, would love to play a longer version. Thanks for making it!

Made a video

i just LOVE this game.

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Hi, this does not work on mac :(

when you download the zip file, no app file to play on mac. 

I'm really sorry to hear that! It was my mistake. I will provide a Mac build soon! 

thank you! can't wait to try out your game :D

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Hello! this was interesting, I like this twisted point and click games where you have no idea what is going to happen.

I like the drawings.. the girl is very cute and the 2 characters are intriguing and disturbing.. the music is good too, the way it gets distorded at the end is a nice touch.

Good luck with your project, looking forward to playing a little more soon if you add updates.

Check out my gameplay

It was good but short! I hope you do a long version, thanks a lot!

Thank to you! ♥

Ohh this was fun! A nice little puzzle game. Really liked the style!

I absolutely loved your game. I can see you really blowing up as a big dev in the future. Please keep creating! 

how go i play it it wont let me

That's weird. Did you follow the download instructions? You should download one of the two folders, then extracted everything you find in into one folder, then click the .exe

This doesn't work on Mac, Mac doesn't run .exe files

Good point! It was my mistake. I will provide a Mac build soon :)

Was such a delight! Loved the music and the slight animations of the characters, it felt so engaging!! Keep up the good work :


The game was short, so he played a different game at the end.


You were so kind to let me know! :)

Is this a sarcasic comment or am I overreacting?

idk, maybe you are overreacting?

Oh no, it's not! Don't overthink it, you were kind for real, because you did let me know something that does not concern you, but it's in my interest! And that really is kindness to me :)

Awe! Well, ur welcome :)


My Gameplay if anyone's interested !!

love this game :D


This gives me Melanie Martinez vibes


Really enjoyed this. Hope to see more from you in the future. Now I should go play Rusty Lake and see what I've been missing 


You are missing a lot.

Rusty Lake has other cool games too expect "Rusty Lake".

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Yeah! Rusty Lake is not a game, but a developing studio! :)
They have several games, and they recently also published a game with a new format, The White Door. I'd suggest to try every game of them, hehe

Ahhhh cool :)

Even if you're alone and having a pity party, do not invite your friends over and feed them questionable food! Welcome to the worlds strangest pity party!

What a interesting game it is. Love the wicked art style, it has potential for more. Refreshing creepy and fun, what do you need more. Sure keep an eye on your future games!


it's literally rusty lake birthday.


Aaaagain: this game is a tribute to Rusty Lake series. It's basically written everywhere.

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I'm glad to hear it. Thanks a lot!

thats so cool its a litti like melani marines im a big fan

Oh yeah!

si  solo per el diseño de la portada se ve que es inspirado a la canción de melanie martinez pite  piedad fiesta UwU


When I first saw this game it definitely reminded me of cube escape and that's rad! It resembles Birthday, the game.


You got it! As written in the description and the credits, this game is kind of a tribute to Rusty Lake series :) 

I'm stuck already ._.

You can find a playthrough video above, if you want :)

There was a Bad Dream sound effect.

All the sound effects used here are license-free, so it's possible :)

Did you use the original Cube Escape Assets and is this game based on the original Cube Escape stories?


No, all the assets used in this game are made by me, except from sounds, that are license-free. Besides, the music is composed and recorded by me. 
No, this is not based on Cube Escape's story. My game is freely inspired by Rusty Lake's aesthetics, but the stories are totally different from each other, is quite obvious. :)

PITY PARTY! It's Melanie Martinez! Of course it is! My favourite! Imma play this!

I knew I would find this comment eventually

This was a very interesting game and you get my vote for weirdest horror game ever but I had a fun time fooling around with it. It reminded me of the Crybaby album with the song "pity party" which made me like it even more xD A job well done to you and I wish you the best support going forward :D 


I. absolutely. loved. it!

Such a great little escape room game. Loved the horror, loved the art, so rad. SO, SO RAD. I absolutely want more. <3

I hope to see more of this game in the future!

There was something about this game that made me unreasy, especially towards the end. Great job making someone who watches horror movies and plays scary games all the time feel uneasy. Amazing game

Your game is the 3rd one I played FYI.

I really enjoyed that game! Good job!

Thank you a lot! ♥

An absolutely amazing game! It gives off creepy vibes and the music ads even more chills down your spine! For the time you get to play the game ( it's a short game ) It's really good. And the art is really good to! Really nicely done, too bad it isn't longer, I would love to play it longer! I made a video of it, hope you enjoy :)

MelAnie martinezzz

'It's my party, and I can cry if I want to' ♥

Played this as part of a multi game video starting at 51:13! This was sooo creepy! The feeling of just utter weird and bizarre had me feeling weird and bizarre lol. I really liked this though. Please tell me you plan to make a longer game from this! Would play for sure! Keep up the awesome work! 


wtf the end is so werd

Are you talking about New Game+? In that case, yes, it's weird, because it symbolizes inevitability, but it has some bugs. 

no, is not a bugs... but the end of the game a so dark i mean the clown and the rabbit is killed for comming late

i hope you enjoy this gameplay.

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